When You’re Away

Sometimes I wear your shirts.

Sometimes I feel so small that I will shrink inside of it and no one will ever find me.

Sometimes I wear your boots.

Sometimes I feel as if the weight of where you are will crush me under the heel.

Sometimes I wear your tags.

Sometimes I look down to see your name and feel brave enough to face the day.

Sometimes I wear the smile you left me.

Sometimes it’s all I need.

Dragon Breath

Drunk, red eyes beaming forward.

The acid on your tongue is burning deep.

You are another person.

Someone I never wanted to know.

Slip and slide and slur your way forward.

The smell of your breath stings my nose,

and I can’t help but look away.

Stop blowing your smoke in my face.

You’re a dragon.

Breathing fire and lumbering to your cave.

Good luck tomorrow, torito.

Sunlight changes everything.

Night Man

How many girls are whispering your name tonight?

That’s what you are, right? Good for the night?

The right words come so easily to you.

Just the thing to get them in your bed.

Don’t let the sun peek through those grey curtains, love.

They may just see your heart.

Apollo’s Love

Dionysus, it isn’t funny anymore.


Dionysus, why won’t you stop?


Dionysus, you can’t seriously think this is a party?


Dionysus, dad is crying for you to stop.


Dionysus, the Titans are coming.


Dionysus, please.


Dionysus, I will always be your brother.