Look Up

I’ve stood in the house of your wings and listened to you flap to the beat of time. 

Open and close to show your beauty to the world. 

Just a glimpse, and then you’re off. 

Flying so high, I’m forced to squint to find you again.

Is that your hope? 

To keep me looking up? 

I will look to you forever.

Soul Soundtrack

One moment. 

One sound. 

I sit and listen to the mixtape outside.

The gentle hum of the AC. 

The echoing chirp of neighborhood birds. 

The mild clanging of wind chimes as the warm breeze flows through. 

I listen in my heart and silence my own soundtrack. 

I silence the frustration. 

I silence the anger. 

I silence every negative thought. 

Instead, I hear. 

I hear the coo of the doves

and the buzz of the bees.

My soul keeps this mixtape on repeat.