Look Up

I’ve stood in the house of your wings and listened to you flap to the beat of time. 

Open and close to show your beauty to the world. 

Just a glimpse, and then you’re off. 

Flying so high, I’m forced to squint to find you again.

Is that your hope? 

To keep me looking up? 

I will look to you forever.

My Heroes 

I am a thief. 

I have spent my life stealing from the women around me and from the women who came before me

I have stolen pieces of their souls 

Their confidence

Their beauty 

Their grace

I have patched it over my own holes and filled myself with new strength

I have allowed these women to raise me higher

They are my heroes 

They are my namesakes

Their very spirit intertwines with mine and I am me because of it.


January 29, 2017 (Dream Baby)

Sometimes I think about you. 

Sometimes I wonder what you would look and sound like. 

Sometimes I wonder if we would have named you Violet or Finn once we saw you.  

I wonder. 

I know I’ll never see you. 

I know I’ll never know. 

I know you live somewhere with the rest of my dreams now, in a place I’ll never get to go.