My Heroes 

I am a thief. 

I have spent my life stealing from the women around me and from the women who came before me

I have stolen pieces of their souls 

Their confidence

Their beauty 

Their grace

I have patched it over my own holes and filled myself with new strength

I have allowed these women to raise me higher

They are my heroes 

They are my namesakes

Their very spirit intertwines with mine and I am me because of it.



I am ugly after midnight. 

My hair, my face, and my thoughts become erratic and uneasy after midnight. 

Why am I awake when the better part of the world is dreaming dreams and sleeping easy? 

Why am I awake after midnight? 

Why can I hear the deafening rhythm of his breath after midnight? 

I’m alone after midnight. 

I question my very existence after midnight. 

I can feel every atom and molecule in my body after midnight. 

There is no solace after midnight. 

The Gap

Don’t mind me.
I’m the one with the tits.
Don’t worry.
I won’t make a fuss.
I know how this world works.
Don’t worry.
I’ll just sit over here and look pretty.
You’ve told me too many times that that’s all I’m good for.
Don’t worry.
I don’t notice the gap between us.