30 Days of Poetry – An End

I have finally finished my month long poetry series! (I even did a bonus poem for the 31st.)

I hope that you have enjoyed this series. The last two weeks of poems were difficult to complete, but I’m glad that I pushed forward. I love starting my year immersed in writing my poetry. It forces me to take time and reflect. January was definitely a tumultuous month for me, so I’m glad that I took time to write. 

I look forward to taking a little more time with my poetry, without that looming, daily deadline, and playing more with form. I’ve been obsessed with haiku this past month, and I plan to expand more on that. 

Write more soon, 

January 31, 2017 (Social)

Our apps and profile pictures keep us too busy to remember our own mortality. 

Scrolling and scrolling. 

Reposts and tags. 

We forget the arbitrary frivolity of it all. 

We are all scrambling and winding to the same fate.

No amount of likes will save us. 

Our walls and feeds will all end the same. 

We will all breathe a final breath, and our hearts will all beat a final beat.

January 29, 2017 (Dream Baby)

Sometimes I think about you. 

Sometimes I wonder what you would look and sound like. 

Sometimes I wonder if we would have named you Violet or Finn once we saw you.  

I wonder. 

I know I’ll never see you. 

I know I’ll never know. 

I know you live somewhere with the rest of my dreams now, in a place I’ll never get to go.  

January 27, 2017 (Divided)

Where I see hate, they see hope.

Where I see misogyny and xenophobia, they see the return of traditional American values.

Where I see an administration that is thriving on fear and misinformation, they see the end of a crooked Washington.

How can our differences be so stark?

I know the human experience is varied, but we are all living in the same country.

How has our America become so divided, again?

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are in the midst of a civil war.

Instead of swords and muskets, we are armed with Twitter and Facebook, and we take no mercy.

January 25, 2017 (Louder Together)

I feel as if I’m screaming into a void. 

I can see my words rise up out of my throat and slowly climb until they evaporate into nothing.

I scream again and again, but it all falls into the void. 

I start to question whether I should scream at all. 

Is my small voice worth anything?

Will anyone ever hear me? 

Just as I want to give up and walk away, 

The small voice next to me whispers, “I can hear you.” 

As we begin to scream together, our voices make it further than they ever did on their own.